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Proposal Software - Roofing & Solar

Are your proposals meeting your sales reps’ needs? In today’s fast-paced world, consumers expect adjustments on-the-fly. With the SOLO solar proposal software, you can make changes live with our dynamic and interactive features. Speed and accuracy are our focus, allowing your sales reps to request and receive a proposal in minutes while in the customer’s home. Finally, our full-service design team will create a professional proposal template catered to your branding and sales needs.


Integrated Documents - Roofing & Solar

Automate and streamline your document signing process with SOLO Integrated Documents proposal software. Create a frictionless process for your sales reps to get signatures with the click of a button. Then, within minutes your sales rep will receive the applicable agreements and documents. These documents are saved in the SOLO portal for future use.


Financing - Roofing & Solar

 Make solar financing seamless by utilizing the SOLO  proposal software. With an integrated customer credit request field, you can qualify customers on the spot. Once qualified, input credit card or automated checking information to take care of down payments and monthly installments. Finally, allow a client’s homeowners insurance to fill the bill by submitting a claim right there in the proposal.


Insurance - Roofing

Looking for an easy way to submit roofing insurance claims? We’ve partnered with Balance Claims to integrate the approval process right into our proposals. Submit your project to insurance with a click of a button; make it simple and cost-effective for customers to get a new roof.


CAD - Solar Software

Are you looking to decrease your install timelines? SOLO has created a process that can produce a NABCEP and SONNEN certified Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) design within 24 hours to visually represent what it looks like for your customers to go solar. CADs can include structural stamps, wind speed, snow load, and shading analysis as desired. Each SOLO client will experience a custom template with your company’s branding and specific design requests.


Engineering - Solar Software

SOLO NABCEP and SONNEN certified engineering takes your customers across the finish line with the appropriate approvals, stamps, and structural calculations for all jurisdictions. Don’t know what is required in a specific jurisdiction? Rest easy knowing SOLO has you covered with the information you need. With next-day delivery, we can speed up your process to PTO. Lastly, details surrounding ground mounts, wind load, snow load, dead and live loads, and shading analysis can all be provided to ensure accuracy.

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SOLO is a sales conversion platform that specializes in creating dynamic, customizable proposals for both roofing and solar services.

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