Solar sales platform Domination

Are you ready to double-down on growth?

Solo is powered by cutting-edge technology and human expertise. Don’t forget to seamlessly integrate your accurate Solo proposal with our fully managed CAD team and watch deal drop-offs plummet. Welcome to smarter and safer growth.


Better sales management with every proposal

Verifiably more accurate with SunPixel™ technology (97% to be exact), customizable branding, integrated financing, and simple docs signing. All delivered in as little as 8 minutes.

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Opening new markets has never been easier

With everything from our exhaustive AHJ research database spanning the nation to our unique installer referral program, Solo is the launchpad to propel your business skyward.

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Tiered Pricing

Pricing that grows with you

With our tiered pricing, you pay solely for your actual usage. Plus, our platform includes a fully managed team, freeing you from the hassle of downtime and handling the seasonal shifts of solar in specific regions.

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2023 Solar
Trends Report

Take a look at data from Solo’s millions of generated proposals from solar companies across the country.

We go beyond typical customer support

You’re never solo with Solo. Because you’ll be surrounded by our squadron of Solo experts, propelling your solar selling journey to new heights…but not in an annoying way.


Our implementation team is responsible for creating your perfect Solo setup. They’ll get your account structure dialed in, craft templates, provide training, and more. “Implementation” might sound formal, but it means they’re working to put everything in the right place so you can be as effective as possible.

Customer Success

Our strategy team will keep the wheels greased by maintaining, updating, and informing you about new ways to leverage Solo’s growth platform. They are growth pros and can help brainstorm solutions for your business’s most complex challenges.


When you have a Proposal, Docs, CAD, or any other question, you can dial in directly during business hours and get immediate help. Our support team is your first line of defense. Solo support is available Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. ET.

Help Center, Trainings, and Webinars

Explore our comprehensive self-service help center, tailor-made training, and engaging webinars designed to empower our customers with continuous learning to enhance their solar selling skills.