Scale your operations quickly with Solo

Installation-ready designs, 24 hour CAD turnaround, special account setups, automated downline inheritances, and an in-house research team with the largest private AHJ database around. It’s simple, installers install more with Solo.


Onboard new dealers and partners on your terms

You’re always in control and your sub-account data is always accessible. It’s how the best installers are able to scale so quickly and effectively.

high sales

Ideal for installers of all sizes

Solo equips installers with the tools for growth, no matter your current stage.

Stress-free CAD built
for speed and scale

Fully managed AHJ database

We have a in-house team that is responsible for activley maintaining our AHJ database with over 6,000 jurisdictions and counting.

94% first-time approvals

Our in-house AHJ database allows Solo to acheive 94% first-time approvals anywhere in the country.

Free Revisions

Plans rejected by the city? No problem! Your denied Solo CAD qualifies to be updated and resubmitted free of charge.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated CAD support team offers email and phone support to provide you with quick access to timely updates.

Real companies. Real growth.

Easily connect with sales groups

Join our installer referral program

Installers can easily find and partner with sales groups looking for installers across the country.

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Own your sales data for all your partners

Get access to average loan amounts by state, average kw by state, most installed.

  • Set guardrails for your sales partners

  • Easily onboard additional dealers/brokers

  • Easily replicate and edit your proposal templates for any sales parter to guarantee template accuracy

Here’s what our customers have to say

Explore the features our customers love most. Our latest customer survey revealed an impressive 98% positive opinion. Schedule your demo today and learn more.