Solutions for Sales Groups

Solo makes selling solar better

With Solo, selling becomes a breeze. Your reps can go from zero to commission faster. Why? Because “It’s easy. It’s efficient. It’s effective.”

See why dealers love selling with Solo

Solo turns any rep into a bona fide solar selling pro. Customize users, tools, and more.

Everything a sales org needs to sell solar effectivly

The complete solar selling package

No awkward delays. Just a seamless, professional experience that launches your sales team towards closing in a matter of minutes.

high sales

Connect with installers and expand your reach

We’ve built up a vast network of solar installers looking for qualifed sales group to partner with. This program allows you to foster lasting relationships with installers to help scale your reach.

Installer Referral Program

Smart management tools for effective sales teams

Tailor proposals effortlessly with our suite of features, integrations, adders, and more, ensuring every client receives everything they need and want.

Real companies. Real growth.


Easily and efficiently onboard and train new reps

Getting new hires trained and selling quickly is crucial for growth. Solo helps minimize ramp-up time and maximize your team’s productivity, ensuring they hit the ground running and contribute to your sales success from day one.

Impress Homeowners

A proposal designed with homeowners in mind

Ensure clarity and ease of understanding at every step. Filled with pertinent information and insightful graphs, it simply demystifies the solar process.