Accelerate the experience and make updates in seconds with DirectDesign™.

DirectDesign™ allows you to customize and edit your solar design in real time, right in front of your customer, in a few seconds.


Beast Mode + Edit Mode

You’re a Solar Pro. It’s okay to showoff… we’ll help you! See how.


Edit. Design. Create… Wow

Customize and edit your solar design in real time, in seconds. Powerful visuals accelerate the sale as our brains process visual content 60,000x’s faster.


Oh Snap!

Snap panels into place, Thanos style… with your fingertips, and gridlines.

  • Add or remove panels

  • Activate or deactivate panels

  • Change the orientation of panels

  • Edit the azimuth, shade, & tilt

  • And much more

DirectDesign™ FAQs

Yes, it’s ready and available to company owners and admins.

The DirectDesign™ tool is free to use and comes standard with your Solo account.

Users with editor access can open up a proposal, old or new, and toggle on the DirectDesign™ tool to enable customization of the system design.

Admins and owners can activate DirectDesign™ editor access for other users by adding “Sr Rep – DIY Editing” as an Additonal Role under a user’s profile settings.

Yes, using the new DirectDesign™ feature will automatically migrate your proposal from v1 to v2. To learn more about your options please contact our customer support team.