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We strive to put our people first.



By working together, we can accomplish much more than we can as individuals.



Honesty is more than a policy. We believe it’s the foundation for success.



If something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. Otherwise, why even bother?

About Solo

At Solo, we believe our first responsibility is to help ensure the growth and success of the companies that use our software. That’s why our mantra is “Accelerating Your Ascent.”

We aim to help our clients grow faster and in a more sustainable manner. By focusing on sales conversions, together we can stimulate success in the home improvement industry.

Our History

Early 2013 – Daniel Larkin becomes a referral partner for SolarCity while running Evolve Security, his own door-to-door home security operation.

October 31, 2013 – SolarCity authorizes Evolve as their exclusive door-to-door reseller.

Late 2013 – Larkin persuades his friend Jeremy Smith to leave his career and help him create the newly formed Evolve Solar. They pioneer a centralized proposal platform that offloads proposal creation to a call center in Utah. By allowing their sales reps to focus solely on the sales experience, deals can now open and close within a day instead of 3–4 weeks.

January 2014 – In the first month of implementing the new process, Evolve Solar’s sales reps average 5x the success as compared to other solar companies.

July 2014 – Evolve’s production is nearly 8mWs with an average of about 1500 originations monthly.

Late 2014 – Evolve Solar nears the milestone of generating 7,000 new installations for SolarCity.

August 29, 2015 – Evolve Solar is acquired for $50 million.

April 2016 – Larkin and Smith relaunch their operation as Encōr Solar. Many of Evolve’s key players join them in their new venture.

Mid 2017 – Encōr creates a new revenue model that offers its proposal services to third party organizations on an à la carte basis.

2018 – Due to the huge increase in demand for the back office solutions, Larkin and Smith decide to launch Solo, a new company focusing on high end software to help accelerate the success of other companies.

2019 – Solo begins offering CAD, engineering, and document management services in addition to proposal creation. Though still young, Solo has already set the bar for the rest of the industry in regards to both quality and innovation.

Today – Solo moves into a new 20,000 square foot building expanding their capacity to over 3000 customers nationwide.