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See why the best solar companies choose Solo over the competition.

Easily quote, propose, and close. It’s your entire sales and operations on one platform.

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Based on core features list as of August 2021

We play nicely with all your favorite tools.

No matter your workflow, our partnerships make sure you never miss a beat.

We play nicely with all your favorite tools.
Solo fits within your business model
Multiple account configurations

Solo fits within your business model

  • Standard – The best way to get started in the industry, our standard model is the ideal setup for most local sales teams and installers.
  • Sales Growth Model – Perfect for any growing sales organizations. You can create a master account with unlimited templates for your reps to choose from.
  • Installer Model – Create a master account with multiple sub-accounts. This model works great for companies with teams in multiple states or regions.
  • Hybrid Model – A customized combination of several of our most popular account setup types. To learn more about the customization options, please reach out to our business dev team.