Unlock potential with more ways to grow

Scale up with confidence by becoming the go-to installer for top sales teams and vice versa. Join Solo’s newest growth initiative, benefiting our customers.

Made for Installers

The better way to grow installations and expand your reach

We’ve been asked hundreds of times, “Do you know any sales groups you can introduce us to?”

Designed for Dealers

Find reliable partners and open new markets faster than ever

We’ve been asked hundreds of times, “Do you know any EPCs you can connect us to?”


Think of us as a solar matchmaker

Each company will be responsible for conducting their due diligence and negotiating its partnership agreements. We have taken the role of matchmaker and hope to create a program that benefits all parties.

  • 1. Apply to the program

  • 2. Get matched

  • 3. Choose whether or not to explore the relationship


So what’s the catch?

No catch—real talk.

We’ve spent years building a vast network of sales groups and installers nationwide. We are committed to helping solar companies thrive with our services. This pilot program aims to reinforce that commitment by promoting another way solar companies can grow.

Installer Referral Program FAQ

You’re receiving this email because we want YOU as part of our program to connect more sales groups and installers.

No! You’ll pay $0 for referrals. We want to support our partners by including sales organizations that aren’t ready for a full Solo account.

One of the biggest challenges installers face is finding more sales organizations to fuel their growth. The same is true for sales groups. We want to provide our partners with a steady stream of high-quality referrals directly from the Solo Sales Team.

Solo is only going to provide this referral lead flow to a handful of select partners.

Using Solo proposals, documents, and CAD will increase the chance of being accepted into the program, but will not be required.

Currently, this is a pilot program. This means we will continue to assess its popularity and usage to determine its long-term viability.