Sunlight Financial x SOLO. More time for what matters.

Sunlight Financial is a technology-enabled point-of-sale, specialty finance company.  Sunlight partners with contractors nationwide to provide homeowners with financing for the installation of residential solar systems and home improvement upgrades.  Sunlight also partners with banks and credit unions who are committed to providing financing for these projects.  Sunlight’s best in class technology and deep credit expertise simplify and streamline consumer finance, ensuring a fast and frictionless process for both contractors and homeowners.  Sunlight has recently become one of the largest facilitator of residential solar loans in the nation.  Since 2014, Sunlight has arranged financing for more than $1 billion in loans. 

Solar installers have found Sunlight an attractive option based on:
1) a sophisticated underwriting process that approves a significant number of consumers while still making Sunlight the most stable long-term partner,
2) a simple process including a soft credit check option that doesn’t require date of birth or social security number, and
3) the lowest cost of financing in the industry.

The Sunlight & Solo integration allows solar company leaders an easy process to provide their customers with accurate designs.  Each of your solar consultants will now have additional time each day to speak with more customers and increase your sales number.  Most importantly, Sunlight Financial allows you to make an additional $500-$2,000 per sale compared to other financing options.

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