Pricing that grows with you

One simple price.
Everything you need to grow.

Solo’s pricing model is built to scale with your business. Still got questions? Chat with one of our business managers 385-324-6522.

As low as


per proposal
What you get
  • SoloSign® document management Learn More
  • Real-time delivered in 8 minutes (on average)
  • Access to DirectDesign editor Learn More
  • Production guarantee backed by SolarInsure®
  • Seamless integration with all major lenders
  • Direct CAD and Engineering integration

Our pricing is custom and based on volume. It’s designed to be flexible, allowing you to scale up or down as needed. This helps with planning and growth. Because our pricing varies it’s best to call in.

Prove it Pricing

Still not sure? Now you can buy a bundle of proposals at a discounted rate. *New customers only.

Pricing Q & A

As mentioned above, Solo’s pricing depends on a few factors specific to your company, so we prefer to give you accurate pricing info on a demo. Simply book a demo to get started.

We charge a single low price per proposal (with annual contract) based on your volume. Get in touch and we’ll provide a detailed breakdown tailored to your company.

No, you are able to add as many users onto the Solo platfor as you wish for free. You will only be charged for the services your teams request.

No way. We do not believe in sneaky fees and upcharges. Solo customers pay a single cost based on their usage volume and get the full benefits of our software and services. Sadly, many others in our industry have more fine print in their billing agreements.

Nope, Solo does not charge extra to use any of our integrations. We also provide access to our open API so your team can connect to any other software without direct integration.

We go beyond typical customer support

You’re never solo with Solo. Because you’ll be surrounded by our squadron of Solo experts, propelling your solar selling journey to new heights…but not in an annoying way.


Our implementation team is responsible for creating your perfect Solo setup. They’ll get your account structure dialed in, craft templates, provide training, and more. “Implementation” might sound formal, but it means they’re working to put everything in the right place so you can be as effective as possible.

Customer Success

Our strategy team will keep the wheels greased by maintaining, updating, and informing you about new ways to leverage Solo’s growth platform. They are growth pros and can help brainstorm solutions for your business’s most complex challenges.


When you have a Proposal, Docs, CAD, or any other question, you can dial in directly during business hours and get immediate help. Our support team is your first line of defense. Solo support is available Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. ET.

Help Center, Trainings, and Webinars

Explore our comprehensive self-service help center, tailor-made training, and engaging webinars designed to empower our customers with continuous learning to enhance their solar selling skills.