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The fastest proposal is now the most accurate

Meet SunPixel™

Speed + accuracy. They’re great alone but even better together.

SunPixel’s™ patent-pending technology can produce
more accurate proposals in two ways:


Proprietary imagery combined with Solo’s custom algorithms

Our computer vision team uses innovative, advanced machine learning to render a 3D model of a customer’s home. All the while accounting for surrounding trees, buildings, and obstructions on the roof itself.


More comprehensive sun path simulations with Treescape™

In just seconds, we can run a full year of simulations for every hour of every day. On top of that, we are now including more production variables in our calculations than ever before, such as the home’s orientation and any object casting a shadow.


Why we built SunPixel™

Why we built SunPixel™

Solar proposals will never be the same

While you’re running through the Preposal™, we’ve got SunPixel™ running in the background, calculating the exact energy output of every available inch on your customer’s roof. By the time you’re done, it’s order up!

Solar proposals will never be the same

Advanced neural networks

Estimates are only as good as the data. We power ours with the most sophisticated machine learning on the market.

Superior solar modeling

We created our sun path algorithm to include more minutes, hours, and days than your typical simulations.

Rock solid estimates

Our solar production estimates are more accurate because we account for important loss variables such as weather, soiling, and horizon data.

David Wilson

SunPixel™ has consistently shown the most accurate production estimates we’ve ever seen. With these results, we’re confident that our solar sales platform is the most accurate in the industry.

David WilsonVice President of Sales


Happier customers

When you promise your customers the sun, you better deliver. Your reputation depends on it. Luckily for you, SunPixel™ makes it easy to provide accurate estimates. That’ll make your customers happy, which means more referrals, more business, and more success.

Happier customers

Your sneak peek at SunPixel™

See how simulations and proprietary technology like Treescape™ allow SunPixel™ to predict solar panel production accurately.

SunPixel™ FAQs

RIGHT NOW! The feature has already been added to your company, so if you have an account, you can start using it immediately.
It’s included automatically as part of the Solo platform, so there’s no added cost to you. By simply signing up with Solo, you get access to ALL of our awesome technology. No expensive upgrades. Ever. ‘Cause, that’s just how we roll.
If you’ve already signed up with Solo, all you have to do is start the proposal process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Proposal Support or your Solo Account manager. And if you haven’t signed up yet, then that’s your first step. Better get on it!
For starters, there’s the sheer volume of data we use. We’re talking sun paths for every hour of every day for 365 days. Add to that the actual modeling of each customer’s home, including any and all potential obstructions, then multiply it by all the different loss variables we consider. Finally, plug that into our advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks, and voilà! You get the most accurate estimate on the market. No one else even comes close.
Every SunPixel™ proposal will have a SunPixel™ button on the top right-hand corner of the design page. If you see this button, then you’ve got it! When selected, it also displays the sunlight irradiance on the home to give you the best insight into how much sunlight each individual panel receives.
SunPixel™ proposals provide more accurate estimates that are delivered faster (thanks to our automatic, advanced machine learning algorithms), add the visual advantage of a 3D model, and provide 365 days of sun path simulation to help you delight your customers.
It doesn’t! You can proceed with your solar sales process as normal. SunPixel™ simply improves your experience in a faster, more accurate way.

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