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Selling made simpler

The days of unorganized sales decks are over.

Teach, share, and educate homeowners about the benefits of going solar with our newest in-app tool. The Preposal™ builds customizable and persuasive solar sales deck so your reps can provide a better, more seamless sales experience.

Customizable, interactive, and ready-to-use sales content.

Customizable, interactive, and ready-to-use sales content.

Shooting from the hip isn’t an effective sales strategy. The Preposal™ allows reps to present customizable and educational solar info in a matter of seconds.


How the Preposal™ works

The Preposal™ eliminates awkward downtime by delivering educational sales decks instantly. Sales reps can start educating the homeowner and modify content live to keep the momentum of the sale moving forward.

Hello professor.

Imagine having all of our solar sales expertise right at your fingertips. Now stop imagining, because it’s real, and your sales reps can access decades of wisdom and expertise instantly.

Hello professor.

Easy-to-customize solar content

Your sales reps are in control. They can prepare a customized talk track, as well as modify and edit the content live while educating homeowners.

9 ready-to-pitch slides

The Preposal™ comes ready-to-use with slides that contain educational content in video, written, and interactive forms.

Seamless proposal integration

You’ll get an alert when your proposal is ready for a simple one-click transition. No more awkward fumbling.

The better way to manage the solar sales experience

The Preposal™ eliminates all of the time-consuming delays caused by the constant back and forth of the older solar sales model.

The better way to manage the solar sales experience

Preposal™ FAQs

Yes, it’s ready.
The Preposal™ is free to use and comes standard with your Solo account.
We’ve created a few videos to help guide you through the process. If you still have questions, you can reach out to your account manager and they’ll help fill in any blanks.
100% yes! You can edit and customize all Preposal™ content slides to fit your company’s tone and voice. You can also quickly reorder them based on specific issues raised by the homeowner. This ability to customize on the fly gives you total control when crafting sales experiences that close deals.

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