Gemini is go for launch!

Superior features.
Enhanced designs.
Wildly accurate.

Discover Gemini—an upgrade to everything.Gemini is a quantum leap for production estimates, proposal accuracy, and overall stability and reliability.

The New Standard of Solar Proposal Technology

Gemini represents the pinnacle of solar proposal technology, blending advanced machine learning, 3D modeling, and comprehensive simulation tools. It elevates every step of the solar design process, from initial imagery retrieval to final panel placement, ensuring unmatched precision and efficiency. Gemini is more than just an upgrade; it’s a complete reimagining of solar proposal capabilities.

With features like per-panel shading analysis, advanced tree modeling, and automated roof measurements, Gemini leverages real-time data and state-of-the-art imaging to deliver proposals that are not only precise but also tailored to each site’s unique environmental conditions. This system simplifies complex design decisions, making solar more accessible and effective.

Gemini is at the forefront of solar technology, setting new industry standards with its robust auditing and simulation capabilities. Its comprehensive approach includes a proprietary Solar Audit Tool and rigorous DNV auditing, establishing a new benchmark for proposal accuracy and reliability. Gemini is committed to spearheading the future of solar with solutions that anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of both industry professionals and homeowners.


What is Gemini?

Gemini is the new benchmark for production estimates, proposal accuracy, and overall stability and reliability.


Revolutionizing solar proposals with cutting-edge technology


Comprehensive DNV Auditing

Gemini completed an exhaustive 2,600-home DNV audit, surpassing all other industry standards for testing and validation.


Per Panel Shading and Production

Harness every ray of sunlight by maximizing each panel’s potential with per panel shading and TSRF data.


Revamp Landscapes with Advanced Tree Modeling

Easily correct outdated satellite imagery with advanced tree modeling tools.


Enhanced Roof Measurements

Customizable AHJ-supplied fire setbacks and unparalleled roof measurements using the latest imaging technology.


Smart Stringing

Maximize energy production by actively optimizing the electrical connectivity between panels without any effort.


Proprietary Solar Audit Tool

Our Solar Audit Tool allows for extensive simulation and fine-tuning, setting a new standard in production modeling.


Superior Imagery, Shading, and Coverage

Leverage high-definition imagery for hyper-accurate shading and sun exposure analysis with Gemini V5.


Customize Your NREL Adjustments

Tailor your solar output with enhanced backend NREL adjustments.


Collision Avoidance Technology

Error-free panel placement can be made on the fly without compromising aesthetics or safety.


Welcome to a brighter tomorrow with Gemini

Watch the replay of our live launch webinar on June 4th where we shared all the details about our most significant platform upgrade yet: Gemini.

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