Manage your leads, proposals, and installs all under one roof

Experience smooth solar workflows to boost your success. Get lead management, proposal design, milestone tracking, customer engagement, and project installation inside Solo’s newest solar CRM.

Solo acquires Solar Nexus CRM

Solar Nexus is a solar CRM that offers a more complete end-to-end solar experience all in one place.

high sales

Use Solo’s CRM for improved lead management and project implementation

Manage effectively end-to-end

Oversee your customers and milestones effortlessly—from leads to successful PTO.

Automate almost everything

Process automation uses data from any part of your operational procedure to save time and create smoother workflows.

Engage with your customers

Easily communicate and send relevant messages to your customers from a single interface.

Configure your ideal workflow with ease

Customize almost any part of the process around your business with countless advanced features.


Run Your Solar Business in One Place

Simplify your company’s operations under a single platform that is ready-made for solar and energy contractors.

  • One application to learn – reduces context switching costs

  • Consistent quote and contract process for your services

  • Centralize organizational knowledge

  • Process automation uses data from any part of the process

  • Full reporting on both sales and installation processes

  • Eliminate redundant data entry, reduce manual transfer

  • Always know where to find information


Ensure that every job meets your standards for quality

The platform’s project management and process automation ensures you’ll stay on task and on deadline.

  • Process Automation – Automate tasks, assign roles, and notify teams for efficient project progress.

  • Team Collaboration – Quickly notify colleagues with relevant project links, keeping info centralized.

  • Site Survey Form & Photo Capture – Capture site data and photos to trigger permit work by office engineers.

  • Versioning & Change Order Management – Manage changes with versioning and Docusign-integrated change orders.

  • Unlimited Document Storage – Each project is your virtual manilla folder containing all the relevant information and files.

  • RFQ / PO Generation and Status Tracking – Generate purchase orders from your projects and track the status of orders to your suppliers.

Tailored Efficiency

Simplify your entire solar project lifecycle

Revolutionize how you manage solar projects by combining all critical features into a single, efficient platform. Avoid the pitfalls of piecing together disparate software solutions that aren’t tailored to your business’s specific requirements.

Cost-Effective Management

Streamline your software costs

You’ll benefit from a significant reduction in software expenses and enjoy the advantage of a system designed for seamless operation, ensuring both time and efficiency gains that drive your business forward.


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