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Scaling and efficiency can be a tough task. Our sales professionals rave about SOLO’s proposal service and ease of use. The SOLO team truly cares about my business and our experience.

In 2018, Summit Solar decided to GO SOLO.

Since then, they have experienced countless improvements in their business and sales process. We sat down with them to understand their experience with SOLO and how our services have benefitted them.


Before we implemented SOLO’s services, we had reps in the field designing their own systems through another technology. The quality of the pre-design was poor (Measuring, setbacks, etc) because we didn’t have this uniform information for our reps to use while designing. The reps were also able to determine their own shading which caused major issues in quality and control. Along with these other setbacks, it took much longer to train our guys on how to use the tool.

Other systems are not as advanced as SOLO. Designs they created were in most cases wrong in comparison to what we could actually fit per size of roof and or setbacks, and the imagery with the other tool was very poor, which overall affected our customer’s experience.


It was providing inaccurate information to homeowners while signing and allowing reps to manipulate shade, size, creating inconsistencies between us and other companies. Essentially, the biggest limit was the inaccuracy of shade and system size, that ultimately led to us delivering poorer quality work to our customers.

The proposals offered by other companies do not offer nearly the level of professionalism, the quality of design and branding of the proposals, and excellent service that SOLO does.


SOLO provides us with quality designs that, most importantly, have accurate sizing, shading, and production information.

The start-up process and analysis is so quick, making it much easier for a sales rep to make a sale effortlessly without having to worry about the design and shading being inaccurate or not to-scale.
They have created an easy to use platform to manage proposals and customers where all the documentation and information is contained in a single, digital portal. Another benefit is SOLO also provides live changes to the customer proposal, so any tweaks or adjustments can be made immediately and showed to the customer in-home, which increased likelihood of making a sale. Furthermore, these live product changes are able to be made without calling into a call center or emailing back and forth, and is instant. SOLO delivers incredible savings to any company that uses their services by utilizing scalability efforts and working with multiple partners to ensure the installation and sales processes is as streamlined as possible. They created a tool that looks “SEXY” and sleek for sales teams and customers, which is a huge selling point and improves our company’s professionalism.


SOLO has helped our business exponentially. For one, our overall Pre Design Cost Savings per watt has gone from .03 to .08 cents per watt. Over time, this adds up to incredible savings, not to mention the better quality we are delivering to our customers because of SOLO.

Since using SOLO’s services, we have had significantly less resigns from customers after they sign the original proposal.

Now, we know the customer is getting a seamless process that shows ACCURATE DATA that can be trusted from any sales representative


SOLO provides a significant impact by allowing companies to focus on delivering a better quality experience to the customer while in the home and driving revenue by showing a significantly better user experience. Now, we also have a much easier way of explaining and showing why going solar makes so much sense and how easy it can be to convert to solar by using the SOLO platform. It allows companies to deliver ACCURATE data while also delivering a look that feels welcoming and seamless to the rep and customer.


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