Your answer for Third-Party Administration estimates, supplements and claims handling.

Balance Claims LLC is the nation’s leading Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for General Contractors. They focus on high volume claims management, Xactimate & all types of estimating, supplementing and back office support related to storm damage restoration claims handling. Balance’s customer service, process-driven and systems-forward approach is designed to meet your business where it is at. They are knowledgeable, compliant and vertically integrated with all leading systems and vendors. Experience the Balance Way!

Founded in 2015, Balance, LLC is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm focused exclusively on assisting contractors to manage their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a third-party claims administrator and specialized consultancy, they help contractors save time and money by offloading the management of their claims administration including both the Xactimate estimates and supplements work processes. Balance partners with most of the leading technology platforms and service vendors in the space to deliver thorough, compliant, and timely claims management. This allows clients to focus on selling, building, and billing. Acting as a direct extension of clients, Balance works within their platforms and processes to provide seamless and timely delivery with a focus on customer service and business process.

What this means for SOLO users:

Like most of our integrations, Balance Claims is available right in the SOLO proposal. You can get potential roofing clients a claim and a proposal, all in one application. This speed and ease of use means more immediate closed deals for your D2D team.

This integration is another in the long list of SOLO partners that improve the process for you and your sales teams.

Learn More about Balance Claims here.

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