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Not enough hours in the day? With SOLO’s back office solutions, we maximize what you can accomplish in 24 hours or less. Within minutes, SOLO’s proposal software creates a branded proposal with integrated lending options; this way, your sales rep can start and complete a deal without ever leaving the proposal application. Finally, our automated document feature closes deals with a single click and, from there, our Docusign closing packet is generated.

Behind the scenes, SOLO’s engineering services prepare a complete permit packet including CAD, an engineering letter, and the permit application. Our proposal software is geared towards sales conversions. At SOLO, each proposal is dynamic, interactive and customizable to each customer; unlike our competition, our proposals are not limited to a single linear presentation. SOLO offers an ease and speed that will lead to higher conversion rates for your sales reps.

The SOLO mantra is “Accelerating Your Ascent” and we believe our first responsibility is to help ensure the growth and success of the companies that use our proposal software. Our aim is that our clients will grow faster and in a more sustainable manner because of our focus towards sales conversions and that, together, we can stimulate success in the home improvement industry.

OUR Story

Early 2013 – Daniel Larkin, who at the time was running his own door-to-door home security operation, Evolve Security, becomes a referral partner for SolarCity.

October 31, 2013 – SolarCity inspects Evolve’s operation and authorizes their launch as the exclusive door-to-door SolarCity Authorized Reseller.

Late 2013 – Larkin persuades his friend Jeremy Smith to leave his career and join him in creating the newly formed Evolve Solar. Together, they pioneered a centralized proposal platform that offloaded the responsibility of proposal creation to a call center in Utah, USA. This gave their sales reps the ability to focus fully on the sales experience only. This process took the process of opening and closing deals from 3-4 weeks, to as little as one day.

January 2014 – Evolve Solar’s sales reps are averaging 5x the success as compared to other solar companies in their first month of implementing their new process.

July 2014 – Evolve’s production is nearly 8mW’s and they were averaging about 1500 originations monthly.

Late 2014 – Nearly 7,000 new installations were originated for SolarCity by Evolve Solar.

August 29, 2015 – Evolve Solar is acquired for $50MM.

April 2016 – Larkin and Smith relaunch their operation as Encōr Solar. Many of the Evolve key players came back to the table to join them.

Mid 2017 – Encōr has created a new revenue model that offers its proposal services to third party organizations on an a la carte basis.

2018 – Due to the huge increase in demand for the back office solutions, Larkin and Smith decide to launch a new company that would focus solely on the high end software and success of other companies. This company became SOLO, with the focus of “Accelerating Your Ascent”.

2019 – Today, SOLO offers services like CAD, engineering, document management as well as proposal creation. SOLO is still a young company and we have set the bar for the rest of the industry in both quality and innovation. However, we still have far to go to really live in to our commitment to “Accelerate the Ascent” of the entire home improvement industry.

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SOLO is a sales conversion platform that specializes in creating dynamic, customizable proposals for both roofing and solar services.

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