Though we are currently living in a time of uncertainty and many different life changes, SOLO, Better Earth, and Sales Rabbit want to ensure our teams and reps feel secure and successful. In the digital age we currently lie in, nearly everything can be done virtually; where sales have previously relied on door-to-door interactions, current events have pushed solar sales digitally and, in fact, it is easier than ever. We want our reps and their teams to look at this as an opportunity to not only improve distance sales techniques but to use the ease of virtual sales to their advantage and focus on helping more and more people achieve financial stability and independence in these uncertain times.

Virtual sales is not very different at all, from door to door sales. We are still working hard to provide our clients with the best deals and solar advantages for their financial situation. Through SOLO’s proposal tools and Sales Rabbit’s lead tracking tools, it is easier than ever to seamlessly complete the sales process, using screen sharing to pitch to customers, dynamic features to instantaneously adjust the pitch, and integrated options to entirely close the deal, any time, anywhere.


Better Earth has six tips sales teams should take into account when adjusting to the virtual sales experience:


First, an increased outflow; because people need solar now more than ever, it is important to reach out to any and all potential customers, whether they are cold leads from the past, customers who weren’t able to get solar before, or new leads who want to move towards financial security in these changing times. This will generate the leads needed to close enough deals to be successful virtually.


Second, increasing customer incentives; this will essentially “sweeten the pot” of our solar deals, giving the customers more and more reasons to go solar.


Third, it is more important now than ever to hold our teams and reps accountable. Zane’s team typically sets up a google hangouts meeting where everyone can be in a virtual ‘workspace” together, which increases productivity and personal accountability.


Fourth, it is up to team leaders to step up and lead with more structure and purpose than ever. Training and communication can achieve synergy and teamwide success, no matter where the members of the team are physically.


Fifth, and possibly the most important, is using the digital tools we have to help our customers. SOLO’s digital proposal tool, Zoom’s screen share options, and more make it seamless and provide clarity to customers who now complete the sales process digitally.


Finally, it is important to provide diverse marketing material and take everything into the digital, online sphere. Using all these new digital tools, it is important to remarket our sales efforts and showcase how technology can help our customers more than ever.


As we all navigate these challenging times together, it is more important than ever to focus on how solar can help our clients achieve financial stability. As we sell and close deals, we can all reap the benefits of how seamless and simple it is to sell in this digital age using our virtual tools.


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