Same revolutionary, dynamic proposals, new market: SOLO, now doing roofing. We now offer a 30 Day Free Trial!

Choosing a trustworthy roofer can be difficult, but we're here to make it easy. We have made roofing entirely digital, providing proposals, documents, and CAD software to make the process as seamless as possible, from start, to finish. 

We are also fully set up to sell virtually, which is more important now than ever.



Roofing, Now Digital

Tired of manual documentation? So are we. 

Dynamic and Customizable

Our proposals are easily customized to fit your company's branding style; this way, the proposal is professional and familiarizes clients with your company. Logos, Marketing Material, Colors, Background Pictures, Adders and Upgrades, and Pricing logic are all included; there are also custom shingle options with pricing metrics baked into the tool. 

Improve Your Closing Percentage

Our professional, sleek, roofing tools improve the homeowner's experience and satisfaction with your business credentials. Use present mode to sell over the phone and show the customer in real-time your changes without the need of setting up a screen share or downloading any additional software

Automated Analysis

Our roofing tool provides in-depth analysis without effort, which ultimately creates clear effortless communication between homeowners, sales reps, and installers. Proposals include accurate measurements and the ability for Sales Reps to make touch-ups. You can also easily incorporate adders and upgrade services to increase your bottom dollar with minimal sales rep training or sales tactics in the home.


SOLO provides a significant impact by allowing companies to focus on delivering a better quality experience to the customer in the home and driving revenue by showing a significantly better user experience. It allows companies to deliver ACCURATE DATA while also delivering a look that feels welcoming and seamless.


COO & Co-Founder, Summit Solar

CRM and API Functionality

Light CRM functionality with full integrations with Zapier and other major CRMs as well as API integrations with canvassing tools such as Sale Rabbit, Spotio, and Canvas. These partnerships make the process seamless and allow it to be completed all through our tool.

Improve job accuracy and quality. 

Using DSM technology from our partners we are able to get accurate measurements with a very small margin of error, very quickly. This way, you will be able to instantly quote customers with confidence. Reps will be able to perform touch-ups including modifying tilt - which adjusts sq. footage by identifying roof lines - which updates collective linear feet by roofline, and adjusts penetrations and vents base on on-site analysis.

Easy Pricing and Payment Options.

Detailed and customizable Bill of Materials Invoice that is auto-populated with customizable line items. Proposal also features finger sign and a PDF hard copy print out of the invoice for customer or company records.

Provide clarity among all.

SOLO specializes in the sales experience, white-labeled to represent your business. This way, customers feel more confident with the proposal's professionalism, sales reps have more opportunities to increase their close ratios, and installers have all of the information they need to move the job forward quickly.

Improve homeowners satisfaction and experience. 

With error reduction technology, sleek graphics, and accurate scaling, we ensure little to no hiccups. A smooth, speedy, and streamlined process will ensure satisfied customers, every time. Sales reps will also be able to incorporate custom on-site discounts to make sure the customer is receiving the best bid out of all other companies.

Safely price jobs.

The proposal is set up to accurately price jobs and make small adjustments in real-time with dynamic price adjustments. Spend less time training sales reps on all of the intricacies of price modeling and more time finding new customers to close with. 

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