California Partners—NEM 3.0 got you down? Solo has your back GO


Boldly going where solar has never gone before…

Wow your customers with SOLO’s latest advancements in next dimensional visuals, presale tools and real-time customization features.

Do more. Show more. Make more, with more.

Prepare for liftoff

Project Mercury fetaures:

  • Cutting edge accuracy with SunPixel Technology.
  • Design your own systems IN THE HOME
  • Speed of light, industry-leading accurate designs
  • Proprietary, educational, and immediate PrePosal delivery
  • 3Dynamic modeling and advanced edit functionality
  • Improved sales conversion, scalability, and speed

What Solo has just revealed with Project Mercury makes every other tool in the industry irrelevant and years behind the curve. Solo is really moving at the speed of light with their innovative tech.

– Jeremy Smith, CFO