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General FAQs

At Solo, we are currently the only company with software that streamlines your entire sales process—from proposal and doc creation to CAD/engineering and closing—right from your customer’s living room. In addition, our platform also allows you to communicate seamlessly and share information with your software stack, and you only pay for what you use.

Because we have all of the expertise in-house, you don’t have to find, hire, and manage the necessary talent needed to make your business work. By avoiding these extra steps, your costs are easier to forecast and you’re able to focus on selling and/or installing.

As a concept, Solo was first conceived in 2013. However, we were formally incorporated in 2018. For more information, make sure you check out our full company history..

While there are several great companies out there offering different solutions in residential solar sales, Solo is the only one that can do all of the following:

  • Save you both time and money
  • Provide you with a seamless, turnkey solution
  • Scale your company
  • Leverage the full productivity of your sales team

In addition, Solo provides custom dynamic proposals delivered in minutes, integrated and automated closing via DocuSign, and a full CAD and engineering team to help you cross the finish line. No one else provides the full scope of what Solo offers. Book a demo with our team to find out how we can customize a solution to your company’s unique offering.

Of course. You’re able to add, update and change all the batteries, inverters, panels etc your company sells.

At Solo, we serve businesses of all sizes, from larger regional businesses to smaller one person operations. Because we focus on growth for each business we work with, we’re able to scale Solo to fit your needs.

Proposal FAQs

Yes! When you’re at a customer’s home, we know how important it is to have a professional, customer-ready proposal ASAP. That’s why your proposals are pre-customized with your unique offerings and branding. And with our dedicated proposal support team, any changes you need to make on the fly can be done quickly and within minutes.

There was a record 3.1GW of residential solar deployed in 2020 and nearly all of it was sold by a rep, in a home, with a proposal. Proposals are the first impression a customer has of you, so why not make it the best one possible?

Solo proposals are beautiful, dynamic, high-functioning sales conversion tools that your sales reps can use to consult with your customer and lock down the sale. Book a demo with our sales team to discover how Solo can create the customer solution you need to grow your business.

You know your customers, branding, market, and sales reps better than anyone. With that in mind, you’ll be the one calling the shots when it comes to creating your proposal template. We’ll simply be building your vision. Custom logos, pricing, adders, finance options, additional pages, permission settings, and more are all designed to meet your unique company needs. You’ll also be professionally onboarded by one of our account managers who will be able to provide one-on-one coach and implementation.
Then you’ve come to the right place! Solo is the industry’s only solution for seamlessly integrating multiple installers into one account. This allows your sales team to quickly and easily select which custom installer they will sell each and every time they sit down to make a sale. Our options for scalability and ease of use are unparalleled in the industry.

Some of our larger clients faced a similar challenge when deciding to go with Solo. Luckily, we built an extremely simple solution based on client feedback. Our “Installer Model” setup allows for a master Solo account, which is then able to be cloned and customized within a matter of minutes for each and every one of your dealers.

So, what does this mean for you and your network? Totally scalable growth with completely distinctive dealer accounts, all under the purview of the master Solo account. Did we mention we’ll sync all that data to your CRM so your operations team can quickly progress to install? Yep. Growth can be that easy.

To make a long story short, we do it with hours of hard work, research, and communication. We have over 1,200 utility companies in our database, each with several rate plans for both pre- and post-solar customers. We research them online, call into the utility company to confirm our research, and then update them regularly throughout the year so you always have access to a viable, scalable utility database network whenever you request a proposal. And if we don’t already have your utility company in our database, you can simply send us the name and we’ll do the work for you and get them added.

Docs FAQs

Many companies are spending valuable sales time calling their operations team for their closing documents or, even worse, sales reps are required to fill out documents themselves in the home while with the customer.

Not only do these antiquated processes waste time and money, they also open up the door to errors and liabilities. Solo partnered with DocuSign to bring you a seamless closing process. Using our technology, we will autofill any relevant information from the Solo proposal to your company’s closing agreement, attach the appropriate utility documents, and send it straight to the rep’s inbox within 30 seconds or less.

Nope! We handle all of the cost and automation involved with using DocuSign. You can still designate your signing order, control who receives copies, and even upload the finished packets back to your Solo platform and CRM. You’re going to love it!
I’m glad you thought to ask. Pitching speed and accuracy without an extremely low error rate would be silly. Luckily for us, we’ve achieved a 99.7% accuracy rate over the most recent 10,000 documents we’ve automated for our clients. No more mistakes, no more re-signing documents, less fallout in your pipeline, and more glass on rooftops.

CAD & Engineering FAQs

We will design CAD to your equipment and install preferences for layout, interconnection method, and other best practices.
Our current data suggests that we have a 94% success rate in our current areas for our customers! New AHJs are more difficult to get approved since they sometimes have requirements we aren’t yet aware of. However, once we’re provided with a city rejection letter, we can typically automate a fix in our template or add it into our checklist.
We can do CAD plansets for all 50 states.
While we are currently unable to submit permits for you, we do have a permit application team who can help you apply for permits at no additional cost.
We have a 24-hour service level agreement for standard CAD jobs. If there are more adders, batteries, etc., our turnaround time can increase up to 48–72 hours, depending on the difficulty and scope of work.