SOLO Pre-Qual

You may have noticed a new button in your SOLO experience that say’s “Pre-qual.” This is SOLO and Sunlight’s latest collaboration – the SOLO-Integrated Pre-qualification Tool!

You can now run a soft pull of credit with your customer and in less than 10 seconds have a result. Sunlight recommends pre-qualifying one titleholder at a time before you run a full credit application to provide the smoothest closing experience to your customers.


What are the benefits? 

  • Pre-qualification is a soft pull of credit that does not affect your customer’s FICO score
  • Allows you to run multiple titleholders quickly to confirm who is the best fit for the credit application
  • Typically, will only require the customer to enter their individual annual income

Top solar salespeople love using Sunlight’s pre-qualification tool to maximize their close rate. We’ll be sending out more information on how to user this tool soon. In the meantime, feel free to try it out today – remember that once your customer is pre-qualified you can move seamlessly to the credit application. 

If you have questions about this new SOLO – Sunlight enhancement feel free to reach out to your SOLO account manager today. 

SOLO’s Solar Proposal

SOLO’s Solar Proposal

The First Step To Making A Solar Sale



The proposal: the first point of contact for a solar sale, and the most vital step to a successful solar sale. When making the decision on whether or not solar energy is right for them, customers need information; they need statistics, they need reports, and they need professional, quick informative delivery. This is the role of the proposal; from the moment a representative makes contact with an interested customer, a proposal is needed to aid the customer in making an educated choice. 


The best part? No more waiting. With Solo, we deliver proposals live in minutes, complete with interactive, customizable data and visuals. Through our proposals, your sales representatives will be able to calculate the system price, help their customers apply for a loan internally, and break down total savings instantly, hand-delivering the information to customers in-home. The best part? Your representatives will have a fully configured proposal in minutes: our proposalists are on standby through live chat to reconfigure your proposal as needed, updating pricing, system adders, or revamping the design to fit you and your customer’s needs on a whim. Even further, the flexibility and interactive aspects of the proposal give power to the reps, allowing them to edit features of the proposal to best appeal to their customers.


Elements of our unique proposals include:

  • A design customized for each company’s branding style
  • A scaled photo of the solar design on a satellite image of the home
  • Detailed information on the system including module type, system size, yearly production, and inverter used
  • Comparative data contrasting energy consumption with and without solar
  • A breakdown of the cost, including a levelized cost per kWh to calculate the new solar utility bill, with the option to apply for the system loan internally
  • A savings report compiled using customer information and local solar pricing


The solar proposal is your customer’s first impression of the solar world: make sure it’s a good one. Go Solo.