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In 2018, InterSolar decided to GO SOLO.

Since then, they have experienced countless improvements in their business and sales process. We sat down with them to understand their experience with SOLO and how our services have benefitted them.


Before implementing Solo, we had limited options. Our process for presenting proposals to customers was slow and we were consistently finding ourselves redoing proposals to get the right fit for each customer.


The past approach had us leaving a customer’s home without presenting a proposal and trusting that they would welcome us back into their home later to present their options. We often found that, in the time it took them us to return, customers shopped around to other companies or were too busy to see the completed proposal within a realistic timeframe.

Each time we needed to prepare a proposal, we had to return to the office, draft up the proposal, print out all of the necessary paperwork and only then return to the customer. It was a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth and limited us for time.


Solo allows us to have multiple options for customers at our fingertips. It is almost impossible to explain to someone who is unfamiliar with solar energy how it works and what their options for installing are. With Solo, it became much easier to present those options because the customer could view it right there with us.

Solo’s platform is extremely easy to view and understand, compared with printed versions or other similar digital platforms. Bold graphics and adjustable data help exemplify options clearly while the format of Solo Proposals is well-thought out and easy to navigate.


It is far easier for our customers to view, understand and then make a decision about their solar system with the GoSolo tool. Customer experience is much smoother and faster with the tool, allowing our business to operate a lot more efficiently, both in front of the customers and behind-the-scenes.

Solo has also been very helpful with training incoming sales representatives which has made transition periods less of an interruption to day-to-day business. Before Solo, training involved showing each new person exactly how the process worked, little-by-little. Using Solo, the tool is easy to learn and the training process is fast and uniform across all new hires.

Finally, processing documents, running credit and performing other technical tasks is far easier with Solo, saving us valuable time and energy.
Our sales improved by at least 35% once we implemented Solo into our everyday process. Not only does Solo help us show the customer exactly what we are planning on doing, but it easily and quickly allows our reps to communicate with us in the office. This showcases our professionalism and speed as a solar agency extremely well.


Solo allows for real-time flexibility in creating proposals. Proposals are the first look that a customer has at our product, a first look at the proposed solar system that will power their lives. Being able to adjust and present a proposal in real-time is a game-changer in an otherwise rigid, methodical industry.

Solo allows solar agents and dealers to be more productive at their jobs, enabling a better, more personalized customer service experience for all.

Solo also helps smaller solar companies, like us, stand up to the speed and size of larger companies while enabling professional-looking proposals for a fraction of the cost of other proposal generation tools.

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